How Many Days Until Christmas – This tip has appeared on the blog before, but with countdowns to the wedding. Thirty days before the wedding, the calendar or album full of surprises, one for each day. Easter or Daylight Savings is also fun. When is Christmas

The “Advent Calendar” is a kind of disease outside and as good ideas should be passed on, come to share with you one of the magical ways to surprise your loved one this Christmas.

The countdown calendar for Christmas can be done in several ways. Basically, you will renumber objects or door cards 01-24 and put a treat in each of them so that her boyfriend has a surprise every day in December until Christmas.


You can make your countdown calendar with small drawers or boxes in the shape of Christmas tree.

Clothesline CALENDAR

Use boxes or stockings with chocolates on a clothesline with preachers. You can also make a clothesline messages in your loved one turns and read a message a day.


How about using boxes of matches or paper bags to store your treat? I’m sure he will love your creativity if you cover the boxes with brightly colored paper and then number them.


You can also recycle rolls of toilet paper to wrap your gifts or use the famous cans of bullets used at weddings and bridal showers and number them. Use your imagination and surprise.

Remember that the treats need not be expensive, they can be valleys, chocolates, candies and messages.

One way to do it remind you every day of the month. If they live far better. Save the best gift to give on the 24th or December 25th and have a Christmas beautiful!

Christmas Countdown 2016

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