Christmas Countdown it is heard in the heart, Easter Sunday but having it all around the house also When Is Halloween or Halloween helps to live the atmosphere of Feast and to get into the part. Easter The tree or nativity scene, the lights, Christmas wreaths hung on the front door and other decorations in the living room .

Changing two linings of the sofa cushions, listening to a CD of Christmas music and light a candle to warm the environment as if by magic: do it! Whether your style is minimalist, traditional or eclectic not just cut a cake (a turkey, one stollen, a Christmas chocolate) to celebrate Christmas.

-10 Days: No experiment

Do not even think about it: try a recipe a day when you will have to serve to guests is always a bad idea. At Christmas is definitely madness. Try the recipes that you’re going to prepare well in advance, because if they are not good for you for 4 people, figured for 10 or more. Check out the matching tablecloth, plates and glasses, if you have several services, until they find a suitable one for each call. Clean and keep ready what you have decided to use. Christmas Countdown

-7 Days: Check inventory

Dispose of the leftovers from the freezer and fridge, you’ll need the space, put in the pantry a bit ‘of stocks of non-perishable products that will make you comfortable – sugar, flour, oil, paper, aluminum etc. – And long-term ingredients you have planned for the Christmas menu. Check if you have dishes, silverware, pans, trays sufficient to calls that you have planned.

-4 Days: Go to the hairdresser and try the dress

The day before Christmas, the tail will be endless, and maybe you can find a place for a quick fold. Also choose the dress you’re wearing, it might make you lose more time than expected just when you have guests at the door.

-3 Days: Give the gift packages

It’s relaxing, if you want them to do well and want to write a note dictated by the heart, however, it takes time, and know that that, from tomorrow, you’ll need to do anything else.

-2 Days: Prepare the basics

Pastry, meringues, cakes and anything you can do with a couple of days in advance are cooked now. quiches, stuffed roasts, salads of potatoes, cabbage or spinach, cream … Review the shopping list: you have everything, what’s missing? Make cleaning, including the kitchen. Ironing the tablecloth and napkins.

-1 Day: Go to the grocery store for fresh

On the last day, you have to challenge the supermarket crowd, but with the serenity of having the situation under control, some of the work already done and things heavy bottles and toilet paper type already in place.

Prepare what you will need tomorrow to express dishes, such as vegetables already sliced and ready to be cooked at the last minute, broth …

Write a detailed menu with everything that has to go on the plates and the table and appiccicalo in the kitchen in sight, such as in a restaurant. How many times have exclaimed when the dinner opening the “refrigerator is true, there was also this!”.

Take a tour through the house, okay? Guest towels, empty hangers, order in children’s bedrooms?

Wake up early to get to the relaxed and smiling highlight will serve half hour break where you really fix the final details.

Put on the fire that must cook longer and before you fully dedicate yourself to the kitchen, doing the table.

Make a dishwasher and let it go already clear, trying to clean from time to time what you use in the kitchen. Prepare one side dishes that you will use to serve, the other leaves space for the dirty things that they will return back to be washed after a few hours.

Keep the kitchen door closed, use the hood and ventilate well all environments to avoid smell of food.

When guests arrive, you will have everything ready, enjoy!