The better you feel at home with your parents. The holidays are the most enjoyable day for all. We aim to be with you in the most beautiful holiday of the year, Christmas.


We want to provide you the experience, design and innovation to create ornaments for Christmas.

Values we believe in:

Passion and willpower. We attach, dedicated, enthusiastic, proud and have the energy to carry.

Trust and respect. We appreciate and respect our people and we are confident in their ability to convey success. We are absolutely committed to building sustainable ties in all our commercial relationships with people worldwide.

Excellence in customer relationship. We are committed to being recognized as the first choice business partner adding value to customers’ businesses in different ways. While old we are always ready to overcome barriers and to treat our customers as we want to be treated.

Integrity. We are natural, consistency, transparency and fairness in everything we do.

Accepting and delegating responsibility. We encourage, develop and support our people to take initiative and assume responsibility for everything they do.

Daring to be different. We question old solutions when we have a new idea, we have the will to change things for the better.

Social responsibility. We are committed to a responsible production in our factories, we take care of our employees and prior to this, we act responsibly in the communities where our products are manufactured or used.


In recent years we have tried to convey joy several thousand children visited the ” Factory of Santa Claus .” This year we will organize an open door between the factory limited production activity program. We are sure that everyone is good and we hope that Mosul to visit them all!