Countdown: One month for Christmas

Today missing exactly one month to Christmas (or rather, the day before). countdown to the lighting of the Christmas lights heart

Complete schedule has not yet been disclosed, but Christmas attractions continue until December 20, Thursday to Sunday

Contagem regressiva para o acender das luzes do Natal do Coração Germano Rorato/Agencia RBS

On Christmas Factory, employees trabaham in útimos details Decoration

The programming 2015 Heart Christmas promises to shine the eyes of those who pass through the central area of Santa Maria. A little over a week to light the lights, scheduled for November 21 at the Plaza Saldanha Marinho, preparations in Christmas Factory follow in full swing.

Christmas decorations already adorn the streets and shops of Santa Maria

On the streets, the Christmas decorations already being assembled, but, according to the coordinator of the event, Carmen Pacheco, installation of decorations delayed a week because of rain. On Thursday, at a meeting with the press, Mayor Cezar Schirmer thanked the employees engaged in the manufacture of ornaments.

Christmas campaign CDL distributes gifts and prizes

At the same time, Schirmer said the investments of the city and Shopkeepers Chamber (CDL) in the event.

– We want it to turn into a time of generation of employment and income to develop the city and bring more people to the city in this period – said.

Another bet for this year is the cultural program. The main show, A Christmas Encanto, which opens on 21, will have a circus presentation, and a crane 60 meters high will suspend a sled.

The complete schedule has not yet been disclosed, but according to the city, the attractions will continue until December 20, Thursday to Sunday, with different artistic performances, such as corals and shows.Surely you are already running your Christmas campaign for some time, and already has a great quality score.

Now is the time to sell. According to Google, own 2009 to 2010, there was an increase of 321% related to coupons, deals, discounts, promotions, etc. Of this number, around 170% between November and January, which shows the desire of the public to take advantage of the best opportunities, enforcing every penny of the budget that provides for the holidays.

This is because while the economy is more active, household spending also grow considerably. In addition to spending on gifts, grow travel expenses, parties, and even outputs and social events. This leads consumers to research and find the best deals and opportunities.

Another change that is taking place in recent years, especially with the influence of the internet and e-commerce, is that Brazilians are abandoning the custom of leaving everything to the last minute. The ease of buying online, and receive the products in the comfort of home, is leading people to anticipate purchases, which further increases the importance of maintaining the campaigns in full swing now.