You know the Christmas atmosphere? Lights, snow, trees, garlands … if you like it you will look forward to again and again. Continue to ask: how many days until Christmas?

But its atmosphere never disappears from our hearts. We can already start thinking about Christmas presents, the Christmas cards, the time to spend with our loved ones, as well as the sweets, and make the Christmas tree and the crib.

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Even Siri, the digital assistant in the iPhone around the world, can answer this question, but usually is a bit ‘too vague. Throughout November will continue to respond missing a month.

Ready for Christmas countdown !!!

As I mentioned in previous posts, my mom and my sister came to visit me for the weekend !!! We spent two beautiful days of relaxation and odd jobs !!!

The two matte in question are made kilometers and kilometers of train valigioni full of gifts and tools of the trade (for die cutting machine that does not weigh little, tricot machine and various materials including wool, balls, felt …) Within 48 hours we prepared the decorations for my tree !!! I am therefore pleased to announce that this year will be the gnomes to make a fine show on my ‘small’ fir !!! The chosen color is cream and brown! They are really beautiful !!!

The machine you see here below is what allowed us to package the whole of the elf suit, exists in different sizes and is useful to carry tubes and why not even hats and socks !!!

Countdown to Christmas! – Advent Calendar

Opening Christmas videos of our beloved YouTube channel , brought a countdown, also known as Advent Calendar. ♥

It’s a calendar filled with tasks of love for the 24 days before Christmas.I talk all about and explain how to make this video here:

Materials for download:

As I mentioned in the video, I brought some very creative inspirations regressive count. Look at:I hope you enjoyed! If they do, post on Instagram .